Monday, 22 March 2010

Dancing Wind Designs

Hi all,
Not a shout out today, but a fab shop on artfire called Dancing wind designs!
Dancing wind designs, sells beadwoven jewellery that is bright and colourful, and very intricate!
A lot of the items have a lovely native american feel to them and are outstanding in the workmanship! You can fins dancing wind designs @

Take a look at some of the gorgeous items on sale below!!
I have to say i love the rhondite necklace with pendant (top pic)
To top it off dancing wind designs has free shipping on alot of items!!!
so go look....NOW! lol
next time a shout out!

Friday, 19 March 2010

Shout Outs _ Over the rainbow

Hi all, sorry its been longer than i was expecting in between shout outs! Ive not been well, so nothing has gotten done!
So My lovely hubby has pulled another business card out of the hat (box) and (drum roll please!)
My next thank you shout out is for........Susan Janiszewski of 'Over the Rainbow'

You can find 'over the rainbow' @
Susan hand knits gorgeous and colourful, hats gloves,brooches, childrens hats, gloves and (my favourite) gorgeous little shoes! The designs are classic and the wonderful array of colours that make you think of rainbows. Below is a little taster!

Gorgeous items, although i not sure whether the kids shoes or leg warmers are faves now! Susans prices are great, so what you still doing reading this? Head 'over the rainbow!'
Til next time

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Thanks! - shout outs

As some of you (all? none?!) May know i am volounteering at a charity called the harbour project.
Now i have recently put out LOTS of sos calls (!) for desperately needed supplies, for the jewellery making class i a teaching for the charity (time 'donated') i was ver, VERY surprised and pleased with the intial response i recieved.
Yesterday i went to have a look at the many packages/parcals that had arrived and i was completely in awe and overwhelmed by the generosity of people.
So as a huge thankyou, i will be giving shout outs to all those people who sent items for the group and i to use. The shout out arent in any order, im putting all the business cards in a tub and getting my hubby to choose one at a time. I am hoping to do one a day until ive done everyone! So if your reading this and you have donated, but forgot to put a business card in email me!

The first shout out is for HALO BEADS.

Halo beads is run by Caron Fountain and she sent some absolutely gorgeous lampwork beads for us. You can find Caron @ and below is some of the gorgeous beads she makes.

All of the above beads are for sale on Caron's Site ( and not only is her work beautiful her prices are AMAZING!
Hopefully tomorrow or tuesday i will have another shout for you all as well as another new shop from Artfire, so keep checking back!

Monday, 8 March 2010


A fabulous shop has come to my attention, called vabeachquilter.
An amazing array of items that spans an amzing 23 shop pages! But dont worry you wont get bored at looking with the amazing handsewn items made with an array of fantastic fabrics, i perosnally love the butterflies on the pillow case! (see below)
You can find vabeachquilter @
Take alook and enjoy!

Friday, 5 March 2010

crafty donations please

A bit of a different post from the norm, but i hope you can all help!
I am working with a local charity called 'the harbour project' teaching basic jewellery making lessons, and we are in need of donations of beads, old jewellery, findings, any crafty bits!
if you do have anything left over from projects or items you bought and dont think you will ever ues please can we have them?
If you do have anything we could have please email me @

Thanks guys!

Monday, 1 March 2010


Hi all!
I will hopefully have some more items added to my shop soon, so check back regularly!
In the mean time, i have been 'window shopping' and have coma across one really girly, sparkly shop called 'Krystillized'. Jewellery made with swarovski crystals, and they are all so sparkly and shiney, i love them!
You can find their shop @
Here are just a few of the jewellery for sale!

Monday, 22 February 2010

On pens and needles

Please take alook at this great shop! The shop is named
'on pens and needles'
A husband and wife run shop that sell a mixture of hand sewn and wood work.
You can find this great shop @

Take a look at some of their great items below!

Some gorgeous items, although i think little man in the second picture steals the shot!