Saturday, 21 November 2009

Neck Warmer

After anticipating the arrival of said neck warmer,it came today and it could not have arrived on a better day!
Picture this, rain, wind, grim and cold, this was the morning i awoke to. Suddenly the post comes through the letter box and my eldest son (who is nine) bought the post tome.
There it was a padded envolope with my name upon it!
How excited was I? stupidly excited!!(yes it always feels like christmas when i am waiting for something to arrive!)
I opened my package and there it was, the colours are absolutely gorgeous and it feels so comfortable!
As i said earlier about the weather today, horrid so i was so excited i could wear it straight away! My poor hubby (who has the flu, man flu? i hear you say, my answer, probably!) gets dragged out into the foul weather with me just so i could wear my neck warmer, and it did its job i stayed warm!
My neckwarmer,arrived well presented, wrappedxin tissue paper wrapped with thread,and i thought a very nice personal touch the thread was the same as the neck warmer.
At the moment i can not divulge who the talanted person is that made the neck warmer,as of yet i do not have their permission to do so.
What made me feel the most delighted is that i knew when wearing the neck warmer, that i had also donated to a very good cause!

Speaking of good causes, look out for features about crafters who have online shops and also donate to charities!

Please take a look at my shop when you are looking for christmas gifts, as 10% of all my sales are going to the british army benevelent fund.
You can find more about the benevelent fund here-