Sunday, 19 July 2009

and relax!

Phewww! lily's birthday is over!

My baby girl is finally three, and the party went well, which is a mitacle for my family! Even the dreaded mother-in-law behaved herself (as in she didnt try to talk to me, or interact with me in any way) you all may find that odd, that i have someone in my home i dont get on with and that it might cause tension, but the fact is i do it for adam and lily-rose, and that fact that i have a 'dont give a damn attitude about her helps!!

So lily-rose was spolit rotten, as is usual for the birthdays of the kids in my family, and we can now relax for a week or two at a push. I say at a push, because jakes birthday is on the 4th august and luke's birthday is on the 24th august, so another big party in a few weeks! I as obviously cold around the same time of the year!!

Now that the first rush for the next few weeks is over, i can spend more time blogging, yippee and more time creating, even bigger yippee!!

So for the next few weeks i am going to be blogging about some brilliant artisans that have shops on artfire, i craft, etsy and folksy!

All of the artisans all handmake their items, and there will be a vast range from jewellery makers to household items!!

so for now, im going to say bye, bye and i will be back soon!!

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