Friday, 17 July 2009


I am afraid ive been very lax with my blog, and i apologise!
The reason being is its my daughters birthday on sunday (she is officially a toddler, three!)
Ive been running around like a lunatic, with my hubby (adam) as my partner in crime!
Today we have been baking like demons, 'stock' taking (lol) of all the things we need to get, or have.

We have had our orders that she wants a dora the explorer cake, and i am soo glad that adam is the baker in our house!!

Not only that butthe house looks like a bomb has hit it, we have 25 + people (both families, friends and more kids) the elder two (boys i might add) refuse to do anything that doesn't involve lticking clean the mixing bowls! so in short trying to tidy the housewith three kids running around dragging things out as i leave a nice, and i might add clean room!!

To top all of this of, i have the dreaded mother-in-law attending, whom i haven't seen (refuse to) or spoken to (dont want to) in around a year.


i know it will all be worth it when we see her face sunday morning, but all i can think off is '

'my baby is growing up!'

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